Sculpture 2022

Thanks for all of our exhibiting artists for a wonderful show.

New Hope Arts’ Juried Sculpture Exhibition is a three-dimensional wonderland and a showcase of regional talent. Now in its 20th year, with a hiatus in 2021, the range of wall-art and free-standing work in a wide variety of media is an engaging, entertaining and back in the gallery from June 18 to July 17.

Selected from over 400 entries the featured works include seasoned exhibitors as well as new artists to the legacy show which has remained a banner exhibition for New Hope Arts through the years.


Exhibiting Artists

  • Tricia Adler
  • Petra Azar
  • Robert Baum
  • Cathy Begg
  • Connie Bracci-McIndoe
  • Ed Buffman
  • Gary Bykowsky
  • Don Campbell
  • Shawn Campbell
  • Adam Capone
  • Nick Cartaina
  • Renee Chase
  • Andrew Conti
  • Michael Cooper
  • Alex Damevski
  • J. Edward Diamond
  • Andy DiPietro
  • Damien Dodds
  • Chuck Fischer
  • Joseph Goldfedder
  • Robert Harvey
  • Vincent Hawley
  • David P. Horowitz
  • Betty Jacobsen
  • Ruth Jourjine
  • Harold Kalmus
  • Michael Kehs
  • Norine Kevolic
  • William Knight
  • Milan J. Kralik, Jr
  • Joy Kreves
  • Bruce Lindsay
  • Justin Long
  • Constance McBride
  • Kathleen McSherry
  • G. Robert Mull
  • Jessica Mungekar
  • Ed Murphy
  • Michael Murray
  • Robert Noonan
  • Jen Noone
  • Michael Palladino
  • Michael V. Pascucci
  • Susanne Pitak Davis
  • Louis Pruitt
  • Janis Purcell
  • Robert Reid
  • Paul Rigby
  • Cynthia Becker Robbins
  • John C. Rodgers
  • Peter Rosenthal
  • Joe Seltzer
  • Jesse Sinisi
  • Holly Smith
  • Simone Spicer
  • Julie Stockler
  • Barney Stone
  • Rose Marie Strippoli
  • Annelies van Dommelen
  • Winifred Weiss
  • Camille Whiteman
  • Michael Wiley
  • Jan Wyatt


Thanks to our Distinguished Juror Dana Stewart

Lambertville, NJ sculptor Dana Stewart was born and raised in California. Stewart came to Hamilton, New Jersey to study ceramic shell casting at the Grounds for Sculpture. His intended short visit turned permanent to head the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute ceramic shell department. Ten years later he opened Stewart Sculpture Casting in Lambertville.

Dana is a long –time contributor to the Outdoor Sculpture Project, and Boomer, New Hope’s unofficial mascot is prominently feature in the Delaware Canal Park stairway on South Main Street.


Artists' Awards sponsored by The Wright Family Fund

  • Free- Standing Sculpture
    Michael Pascucci - Jocasta's Desire IV
  • Mixed-Media
    Annelies Van Dommelen - House of Cards
  • Assemblage
    Chuck Fischer - Spectrum
  • Juror's Choice
    Harold Kalmus - Mano a Mano
  • Curator's Choice
    Camille Whiteman - Girl
  • Director's Choice
    Simone Spicer - Kuan Yin Water Moon


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