Calendar  of Events in A-Space:

May 2018


Olga Harandi is a plein air and an Objective Abstract painter. She is enchanted by the beauty of landscapes, which are her primary form of expression. They appear impressionistic in her plein air works and are transformed into spiritual messages in her intriguing abstracts. She works in oil, acrylic and pastel.

Thierry Poirot, a retired physician, started painting in Asia, where he lived for over a decade. He paints mostly in oils, but also in pastels, charcoal, and generally travels with his watercolor box and his camera. He enjoys painting a variety of subjects, ranging from still life to portrait.

Contemporary artist Elizabeth Zack is an artistic healer. There is a vibrational energy that she has instilled in her paintings that represent the virtue of their names and the colors she has chosen. Her art  is a play between Abstract and Realism. Her paintings are inspired by nature scenes. What she intuitively feels she puts on canvas.

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