New Hope Arts Members' Spring Salon Exhibition 2021

Applications for the Spring 2022 Members' Salon will be available soon. This year's dates are March 12 - April 30.

April 3 - May 9

New Hope Arts showcases the diversity, expertise and wide-ranging interests of our professional artist membership.

Gallery open to visitors Friday through Sunday from Noon to 5 pm beginning April 9.

Participating artists:

  • Cay Maria Adams
  • Tricia Adler
  • Basia Andrusko
  • Cathy Begg
  • Aida Birritteri
  • Cheryl Bomba
  • Ronda Bookbinder
  • ‌Connie Bracci-McIndoe
  • Ed Buffman
  • Shawn Campbell
  • Linda Whitehouse Cane
  • Jeanne Chesterton
  • Larry Chestnut
  • Lois Clarkson
  • Andrew Conti
  • Robin Crowley
  • Heather Dalton
  • Alex Damevski
  • Joyce Danko
  • Andy DiPietro
  • Barbara Dirnbach
  • Morris Docktor
  • James Feehan
  • Jennifer Finch
  • Louise Fiore
  • Gary Fournier
  • Carine Fram
  • Kirby Fredendall
  • Anne Gale
  • Carol Gilbert
  • Patricia Goodrich
  • Betz Green
  • Jim Green
  • Diane Greenberg
  • Therese Halscheid
  • Robert Hansen
  • Barry Hantman
  • Christi Hetrick
  • Dorothy Hoeschen
  • Susan Hogan
  • William Hogan
  • Sharlene Holliday
  • David Horowitz & Judith Marchand (Modern Fossils)
  • Roberta Hurley
  • Bill Jersey
  • Armor Keller
  • Norine Kevolic
  • Jennifer Kish
  • Natalia Koninina
  • Joy Kreves
  • Louise Levy
  • Eleni Litt
  • Donna Lovely
  • Robert Lowe
  • Susan McQueen
  • Mandy Martin
  • Elizabeth Miller McCue
  • Delissa McEwen-Reeder
  • Ken McIndoe
  • Kathleen McSherry
  • Lynn Miller
  • Rodney Miller
  • Pearl Mintzer
  • Florence Moonan
  • Gun-Marie Nalsen
  • Santford V. Overton
  • Michael Palladino
  • Joyce Parkinson
  • Michael Pascucci
  • Susanne Pitak Davis
  • Christina Poruczynski
  • Pat Powell
  • Pat Proniewski
  • Janet Purcell
  • Sue Ann Rainey
  • Jane Ramsey
  • Jeff Reeder
  • Cecilia Regueiro
  • Roy Reinard
  • John Rodgers
  • Cindy Roesinger
  • Susan Roseman
  • Ilene Rubin
  • Cindy Ruenes
  • Ellen Sapienza
  • Annika Saracini
  • Joseph Schembri
  • Marc Schimsky
  • Beth Schoenleber
  • Donald Schoenleber
  • Beth Schroeder
  • Natalie Searl
  • Christine Seo
  • Nancy Shill
  • Aurelle Purdy Sprout
  • Barney Stone
  • David Thomas
  • Ken Vieth
  • Doré Vorum
  • Andrea B Wallace
  • Winifred Weiss
  • Michael Wiley
  • Jan Wyatt
  • Ewa Zeller
  • Barbara Zietchick


Welcome to our new artist members. Unlike other art center organizations, New Hope Arts has not always offered a members exhibitions. Robin Larsen founded NHArts in 2002 with the concept of a regional exchange for all the arts and our mission statement always has reflected diversity in our programming to include literary and performing arts.

The opportunity for member visual artists began in 2014 with New Hope...New York, a theme show judged by a New York gallerist. Every year thereafter we offered a Salon exhibition to showcase our talented  and diverse members. Curiously, in 2020 our Member Salon was themed 2020 - Embrace the Past, Celebrate the Present, Dream the Future, an unfortunate conundrum when two months later we were in the midst of the pandemic.

In the last year performing venues have truly felt the pressures of our virtual age. Currently New Hope Arts has expanded to more visual art in-gallery exhibitions to fill the calendar since we are able to open with appropriate covid restrictions in place. We continue to thank you, artists, enthusiasts and viewers at large - for your support in this transitional year.

We are pleased to announce:

New Hope Arts and New Hope Art League Join Forces to Strengthen Local Presence and Realize Synergy

  • Two of the regions’ leading arts organizations to combine assets
  • New Hope Arts to invite League members to join its membership ranks
  • Expanded organization will combine local artists and art lovers under one umbrella organization creating significant benefit

Read the full Press Release here

Bucks County Herald April 15 2021