Malcolm Bray & Harry Georgeson

March 7 - 29, 2020

Please note - The Closing Reception scheduled for Saturday, March 28 is cancelled.

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The Owl and Nightingale is an exhibition in contrasts and a continuation of a dialogue between Malcolm Bray and Harry Georgesen, two friends of different artistic temperament in progress for twenty years.

Malcolm Bray's recent paintings represent a new chapter for the neo-expressionist painter, one which belies the apparent simplicity of his reliance on black and white. Bray plunges into interpenetration and ambiguity, taking viewers on a journey to explore relationships between light and its absence, where density and darkness are both transformed and illuminated.

Harry Georgesen's sculpture represents a culling of his most recent work. His vision looks backward into deep time - all the great periods of sculpture making in Western art. From these reflections he attempts to extend this complex and varied tradition, whose subject is the human condition, into our time and suggests a relevant and highly personal thread.

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