EZ2Steal #003 is a small works pop-up exhibition...

Friday, May 10, 2019

● Benefitting the professional artists who participate ● also benefiting host, New Hope Arts

● With strict guidelines, as always the 2 pre-determined sizes are chosen to be... ● … small enough to fit in your pocket, but SHOULDN’T because… ● … at these crazy, insane, and thrilling pre-set prices, they are in fact A STEAL…. ● … which means that your friends, family, dog-walkers and next-door neighbors - EVERYONE YOU KNOW - simply cannot afford not to come… ● … and will surely leave with a tiny treasure for all who want to add a little art to their lives ● Hmmm, maybe we should all be calling it EZ 2 GIVE….?

We’re excited!!! Curious to know more?! Please read on to familiarize yourself with our impossibly strict if not draconian guidelines. They will be enforced with a ruthless hand.

WHEN: Friday, May 10, 2019, 5-8 PM WHERE: New Hope Arts @ 2A Stockton Ave, New Hope, PA

GUIDELINES: 1. ALL work must be available for purchase. Artists receive 60% of the price. New Hope Arts: 40% 2. Artwork must adhere strictly to the following outer dimensions: 6 x 6 x 1 ½ inches and 10 x 10 x 1 ½ inches, and will be sold for $200 and $300 respectively. Please note the deeper profile and that the outer dimensions, and for this show to work, they are the outer dimensions we will accept. This includes the width of a frame, though framing is by no means required or common for this show. (deeper is fine, shallower is not) 3. Artists may show a maximum of 5 works 4. EACH work must be CLEARLY printed on the back of each piece with: 1. Complete Name of Artist and 2. Distinct Titles No two titles can be the same. If all are untitled then please use Untitled 1, Untitled 2, etc. 5. Artists must pre-register all work online no later than May 4, 2019. All details submitted must be final at the time of pre-registration.

Pre-Register Here 

 6. When you pre-register, it truly helps us massively. When you don’t pre-register or adhere to our guidelines, it saddens us deeply and brings out the draconian hand mentioned above. 7. Artwork drop-off dates and times will be shared after pre-registration is complete. 8. Artwork must be delivered READY TO HANG >> paper works must be framed or mounted at the specific dimensions listed above 9. Unsold artwork must be picked up on Sunday, May 12th (time TBD).