Inspire, Express, Renew - the Healing Power of Art

The Healing Power of Art - an Invitational Exhibition


February 2 - 17, 2019



Abigail Boehm • Donna Cusano • Susanne Pitak Davis • Rich Fedorchak • 
Dion Hitchings • Scott MacNeill • Linda Reboh 

with Janet Waronker * Samuel Brainard *Dwight Harris * 

New Hope Arts' first new invitational exhibition for 2019 showcases the work of regional artists investigating the spiritual and healing traditions of visual art.

Opening Reception: February 2, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

Special Events during the Inspire, Express Renew Exhibition

Authors' Circle

 During the opening reception, Saturday, February 2, 6-8 pm, join us for a combination Art/Literary Event.  Along with an exhibition of unique art works, New Hope Arts hosts local authors Dr. F. Samuel Brainard and Dwight K. Harris. Each will be available discuss their respective books. Books are available for purchase during the event.

Dr. Brainard’s book, Reality’s Fugue: Reconciling Worldviews in Philosophy, Religion, and Science, proposes a fresh perspective on contradicting accounts of reality in philosophy, religion, and science. It shows, among other things, how certain basic differences among these accounts trace back to a single underlying puzzle whose implications have vexed philosophy for millennia, a puzzle that, once illumined, provides a better understanding of the accounts themselves and of how they might in fact complement each other despite their differences.

Dwight Harris’s book, Awareness and Life, explains consciousness and life in terms of one another. They are understood to be the same thing. Whereas Brainard explains awareness as the basis of understanding reality, Harris explains what type of being is necessary to be aware and how awareness is not limited solely to humans. 
Come join us for a stimulating evening.


Signup below or call 215 862 9606

Sunday, February 10, noon to 2.30 pm

 Using the Spiritual in Problem Resolution

            Often we get in our own way when searching for solutions to challenges- going around in circles and ending up in the same place.  This workshop breaks through that loop- using art and imagery as a means to connect with the wise spiritual dimension within and put it to use to move us forward.  Participants will leave with a healing symbol to continue the inner and outer dialogue. (material included)

Cost: $35

Susanne Pitak Davis Artist and Art Therapist 


Saturday, February 16, noon – 2.30 pm

Art and Soul: Paint Your Heart Out!

 This  process painting workshop, using Tempera Paints, aims to connect with and affirm the inner wisdom expressed through personal visual imagery. We’ll begin with centering and gentle movement and include guidance, as needed, in painting from the heart - time for quiet reflection and to share as you wish.  At the end of the time, you’ll have your own creation to take with you.

All art materials are included. Feel free to bring other paper or materials.

Cost: $35

 Janet Waronker, MA, MCAT



..."art that springs from a certain state of mind on the part of the artist that could be called a meditative state. It is an attitude of directness and unselfconsciousness in one's creative work."
Chogyam Trungpa


The task of the artist is to find “the principle of the innermost necessity” that he or she can use through expressive means to achieve the goal, “vibration of the human soul.” 
Vassili Kandinsky


"In a picture, it should be possible to discover new things every time you see it. But you can look at a picture for a week together and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life."
Joan Miro