Fiber, Fabric Fashion 2018

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Sunday, October 21 at 6 pm available at the door and online until 4pm

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New Hope Arts' Fiber, Fabric, Fashion Exhibition, now is its 3rd year, is an invitational show offering exploration of original and repurposed techniques in fiber & fashion, showcasing wearables, couture, and fiber arts including a curated collection of work by established and emerging designers and artists.

Next weekend the exhibition continues free to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Noon to 5 pm through November 4


2018 Exhibitors

  • America Antiques
  • Anneli Martin
  • Fred Eisen
  • Gina Tavelli
  • Holly Wellington
  • Janice Hengel
  • Kathleen Lang
  • Kathleen Scullion
  • Kromagnon
  • Love Saves The Day
  • Michael Ross
  • Morgan Grabarz
  • Nelly Kouzima
  • Night Bird Vintage
  • Rita Romanova Gekht
  • Sarmite Wearable Art
  • Sharron Parker
  • The Sojourner
  • Vincent Hawley
  • Yuli Salon

Featuring the work of Liz Whitney Quizguard