Press On! Design, Process & Technique in Printmaking

Design, Process, & Technique in Printmaking

 “Printmaking is an extra ordinary broad and flexible medium which is constantly reviewing itself - endlessly inventive".

 New Hope Arts Center (NHA) is pleased to announce its inaugural print exhibition, PressOn! Design, Process & Technique in Printmaking. The exhibition, curated by NHA gallerist Sandra Harris, opens on June 23rd and will continue until July 15th.

In total the exhibit will showcase 21 artists from the Northeastern US. The works selected for the exhibition are designed to draw attention to the diversity, richness, and complexity of printmaking as a medium and its ability to convey concepts, ideas, emotion, … A variety of printmaking techniques are included -lithography, etching, relief printing, serigraphs, etc. Artists were free to demonstrate their artistry through themes of their own choosing. They have created a body of work which deserves deep, thoughtful examination.


Opening Reception  June 23, 2018 from 5-8 PM. Many of the artists will be available to share insights about their work- what inspired them and the process of getting from design to creation.