Sandy Hanna Exhibition - An American Kid in Saigon - The Ignorance of Bliss

Special Exhibition February 2018

The Ignorance of Bliss: An American Kid in Saigon  Paintings and Stories by Sandy Hanna

This unique art show and talk compliments the soon to be published book of Lambertville resident Sandy Hanna. ‘The Ignorance of Bliss: An American Kid in Saigon’ displays twenty contemporary paintings recalling and depicting her life in Saigon as a ten-year-old military dependent from 1960 to 1962.  It is of a time when she and her family found themselves in an exotic land living an exceptional life in French Vietnam, preceeding the political events that led to the Vietnam War. Sandy's memories of this ‘Paris of the Orient’, Saigon, so aptly named by the French, was a magical place in those early years, especially for the first-born daughter of an American military officer, the Colonel, and her siblings.  Read More