Connie McIndoe & Ken McIndoe Retrospective Exhibition

September 15 -24

Opening Reception, Saturday September 16, 5-8 pm

Connie and Ken have been longstanding members of the regional arts community, inspirational educators and the consumate artistic team in all of their endeavors. We celebrate their creative relationship and share a comprehensive collection of work.

Ken McIndoe and Connie Bracci-McIndoe have been looking over one another's shoulders for nearly half a century and neither of them have ever been bored by seeing the same old thing.  Each is endlessly curious about the world, endlessly willing to chase a fleeting idea.  For each of them, to spot a problem is a challenge to find more than one solution. 

 Connie's work is elemental; she juggles earth, air, fire, and water to give us a micro view of creation gloriously magnified.  Her imagination is kneaded into her works so they are able to defy gravity, grow on walls, establish the nucleus of an arrangement, and make us look slowly. 

Ken works the other way; he starts at the macro level.  His paintings work towards holding intrinsic ideas onto the canvas. Ken works to solve the problem he has set for himself while allowing the viewer to take away their own meaning.  While he no longer teaches students he is not finished exploring for himself.  His abstractions are growing more complex, he's looking for other media to try, and he's revisiting earlier drawings and watercolors for inspiration.