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Due to Widespread power issues in the region, our postings for THE ARTS COLONY have been interrupted...

Check back - and do send in your entries to newhopeartsorg@gmail.com

Community Exhibition Coming Soon!

Working together to support a safe, healthy, and addiction free New Hope and Solebury.

New Hope Arts Outdoor Sculpture Project is a cultural and recreational asset in these times, when appropriate social distancing is practiced.

Read the Times of Trenton article by Jan Purcell

The Sculpture Project is still free accessible and walkable in an appropriate social distancing way! Great for cycling too since there are over 2 square miles of distance between our 20 installations along roadways and paths from the Borough of New Hope into Solebury.

The Outdoor Sculpture Project is featured among Sculpture Parks in the June issue of Sculpture Magazine

Sculpture 2020

a New Hope Arts tradition since 2002

August 1-30
Dates are evolving due to our current restrictions. Please be Patient. This exhibition will happen - live or virtual... It is our intention to offer a gallery experience, regulations permitting. There is also a virtual exhibition and sale. Participate.
Applications are now online.

The International Sculpture Organization offers insights and opportunities for sculpture artists.
Check the ISO link for information and additional resources for artists.

Guest Curator Exhibitions

The Art Colony Virtual Exhibition and Sale here

A Founder's Viewpoint - Curated by Susan Roseman

Seymour Mondshein - Craftsman / Painter

Murder at the Juice Joint

You are invited to a special virtual event on Friday, June 12.

Awakening - A Fresh Start,  May 28, 2020

We believe that every day is new with possibilities, but our recent sequestering challenges fresh ideas and sometimes seems difficult. As we begin June 2020, we hope for a fresh start - whatever form it takes. 

Thanks to our participating artists. Send your artwork, shares and ideas to info@newhopearts.org.

We invite the New Hope Arts community to join in the project of creating and expressing images in any medium to reflect our changing times. Contributing is an important action to sustain our resilience. We are grateful to member artists who spontaneously contributed to our to our ongoing project in these extraordinary times.

  • View the full collection of Online Exhibitions here.
  • To submit work please submit a .jpg image of the art work to info@newhopearts.org with the artist, title, medium and any additional notes you wish to add and share with the community.

New Feature: New Hope's Art and History - our past and future 

The Art Colony - virtual exhibition features contemporary artists who have rallied to support us on our ever changing times. More to come in our June Exhibition with special events around the arts community that sustains us.

Jack Rosen - Photographer

New Hope, PA photographer Jack Rosen (1923 - 2006) is considered by many to be one of the best "unknown" photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. Acclaimed primarily for his photos of New Hope and Bucks County, PA, Jack also was an outstanding photographer of celebrities, and his humorous yet telling editorial photos reveal his sense of justice, while appealing to our higher sense of ourselves. Read more about Jack...

The Art Colony virtual exhibition and sale is now growing.

Learn more about New Hope's history as a vital art center for over a century. Meet contemporary artists keeping the tradition alive and well. Participate in our ongoing exhibition and sale by submitting your work. 

National Photo Month

In celebration of National Photo Month, artists submitted images to New Hope Arts through May 30th. Many works are available for purchase .... see our Art Colony Exhibition in coming weeks.

Recent History

The Owl and The Nightengale - Malcolm Bray & Harry Georgesen. The show was sadly forced to close during the Covid19 crisis.

Other subjects of information and interest:

Check Out Community Coalition Resources - New Hope Arts is proud to contribute to this community wide effort. Click for the active ongoing link to community resourses which is updated daily here

Dear Artists, Sponsors, and Members of the New Hope Arts Community

New Hope Arts will remained closed to the public until mandates from the state permit us to reopen according to the guidelines which are being develped.

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The community has been generous to New Hope Arts over the past 18 years. This is another one of those times. We are asking for your support to ensure that when this insidious virus that deprives us of our best human qualities and interests is behind us, and it will be, that we can hit the ground running with varied and exciting artistic programming.

Donating online is the most efficient and protected method to help us. The Donation link below accepts contributions in any amount.

We remain grateful for your support and wish you good health.

New Hope Arts Board of Directors

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Shadfest Poster Virtual Auction

Artists Call: Participate in the Shad Poster event. Even though the Shad Festival was cancelled for April, the exhibition will go on virtually. Artists may pick up poster blanks at the courtesy desk at McCaffrey's Supermarket, New Hope Shopping Center, or on the bench outside of the Sojourner, 26 Bridge St. Lambertville. There is no sign up required. Instructions for submission are on the back of the poster. The virtual auction will happen in July 2020.

The Arts & Culture Council of Bucks County

features New Hope Arts Virtual Exhibitions

Since New hope Arts provides a venue for other non-profit organizations who are similarly coping with ever evolving guidelines, we ask you to review the up to dated changes our Calendar of Events page.

If you have questions about an event, please contact us.

New Hope Arts will announce changes to any scheduled events through email, social media and through our website. We look forward to seeing and serving you on the other side of our present circumstances.

New Hope Arts is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization